Cheap, Fast, Plant-Foods On-Campus

There are many restaurants on campus, each offering their own sides and selections of plant-based options.

Today we feature recommendations for on-campus, quick and easy, go-to plant foods:


Chipotle Mexican Grill ($7.15)

Burrito Bowl: Side of corn (or flour) tortillas, double servings of beans and rice, sofritas, tomato, salsa, and lettuce. 

SweetGreen ($6.95)

Create your own bowl: Free bases of kale, arugula, rice, and quinoa; as the four toppings: chickpeas, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and beets. Dressing of your choice, up to two pieces of courtesy bread if desired.

HipCityVeg ($9-14)

Prices vary per entree, but the whole store is plant-based; check it out. 

The Fresh Grocer ($6.49)

Avocado Sushi, brown rice or white rice options.

Eight-point-two pounds of bananas at seventy-nine cents per lb. Can be used immediately or stored later for tasty smoothies.

Houston Hall ($5.49)

Spicy bowl with tofu and avocado, brown rice if the heart desires.

Magic Carpet ($5.50)

Veggies over rice. At a $1 premium, you can add a variety of vegan and gluten-free options; or you can use it to buy a delicious cookie.

Ramen Bar ($11)

Veggie miso ramen, with all the extra veggies you can ask for. For even more bang for your buck, add an extra serving of noodles for only $2.