Articles on Food Justice & Veganism

Today we spotlight “Food Justice & Veganism,” our discussion-based event taking place at the Penn’s Women’s Center on Monday, January 22 at 6 pm.

To supplement its discourse on our food system and accessibility to veganism, we feature the following articles.

Written by consultant, researcher, and lecturer on the topics of food choice and sustainability, Dr. Richard Oppenlander, the topic of animal agriculture and its impact on hunger and the growing global population is brought into question.…/…

Writing in the peer-reviewed journal Humanity & Society, Greenebaum argues that the concept of “vegan privilege” is vague and that it is rather the ability to make food choices that is ultimately the privilege. Regardless of the cost of a carnist diet, the article encourages vegans and carnists alike to understand the human costs of the complex capitalist food industry.

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