History of Penn Vegan Society

  • 2009 - The "Penn Vegetarian Society" is founded at Penn as an activist organization focused on animal rights, environmental stewardship, and human health.
  • 2011 - The "Penn Vegetarian Society" is rebranded as the "Penn Vegan Society (PVS)," at which point PVS becomes the first student group in the Ivy League to use the word "vegan" in its name while also becoming the first Ivy League vegan student group to reorient its brand identity to that of an academic and professional society.
  • 2011 - PVS is selected as one of 7 undergraduate groups (from 400+) to be offered a year-long seat on University Council (UC), the highest advisory body to the University's administration. The UC is chaired by the University's President, Provost, and Secretary. To this day, PVS continues to be represented on UC.
  • 2012 - PVS founds and hosts at Penn the first meeting of iV: The Ivy League Vegan Conference.
  • 2013 - PVS works with an interdisciplinary group of faculty and staff across the University to establish the first animal studies Faculty Working Group at Penn with support from the University's then-Vice Provost for Research, Steven Fluharty.